Thursday, May 7th @ 7pm

Project Theory and Development:
Today – in real time – that is September 23, 2020 there was a piece on NPR about a new movie – The Secrets We Keep – staring Naomi Rapace. In the interview, she gives a brief plot synopsis that mentions that the plot revolves around her character hearing a specific whistle – one that she instantly recognizes from her past. This is exactly the sort of thing I was thinking about when structuring this project – the calls of the community member – that you could know them without seeing them – that the calls are personal and unique.

Technical Stuff:
On this day, I decided to switch microphones from the AT2035 Large Condenser to the AT825 which is a Stereo Mic more suited to field recordings. The results were much better – better rejection of the in-house sound and better pickup of the community. Also, the crowd was much more active

This is what my setup in Reason looked like for this recording and the day prior.

All NYC Data on this day from WolframAlpha:

Weather on this day from WeatherUnderground

6:51 PM66 F20 F17 %W16 mph25 mph29.69 in0.0 inMostly Cloudy
7:51 PM64 F21 F19 %SW14 mph23 mph29.71 in0.0 inPartly Cloudy

The News of the day from one of the local New York City papers

This piece was in the NYTimes that day

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