Live Framework April CTP – Supports Windows 7

The Live Framework team has just announced that the April CTP is available now. There is a long list of new and improved things, but the one I am really happy to see is Windows 7 support – looks like I will be running 7 on all my machines really soon as tht was the one thing that was holding me back 😉 – here is the post – Live Framework Team Blog : Live Framework Updated!

Thanks to everyone on the Live Framework team!

Now back to my little ADO.NET Data Services project… trying to get some simple syntax worked out for creating Many to Many links via the REST interface… I think I am missing something obvious.

Live Services Jumpstart – Dig In

The Live team has just made a giant set of Jumpstart videos available. They cover a large range of topics including: Identity; Messneger; Silverlight Streaming; Virtual Earth; Could APIs; Live Mesh; and the future direction of Live Services. Now I need a place to hide with a solid internet connection.

Live Services Jumpstart Videos