Upgrade to 7 Progress

I uninstalled Windows Live Synch first, then rebooted

On startup I got the same disk not found error for moemonitor.exe

And the same send info dialog (two of them actually) for feed synchronizaiton.

Next step “repair” Live Mesh Beta

It asked me if I wanted to install updates – naturally I said yes 😉

After the update was finished, I got Microsoft Feed Synchronization has stopped working… windows is collecting info.. then the other dialog about send into – so I sent the info.

The action center /More info window popped up – but I got a “this program cannot find the webpage” error. View details says internet connection is lost. I fired up IE to test it and got a bunch of errors and lost Glass. So, going to uninstall Live Mesh now and reboot.


Still getting Feed Synchronization errors

Also, I dug into Computer management | Disk management and found that I have an extra CD-ROM drive showing up – Drive E:. To make sure this one was bogus I popped a disc into the drive I do have (D) and low and behold, D had something in it. So, I am going to remove the drive letter (e) from that drive. I will shut down, pull out the removable CD/DVD drive that works (D) and put the second battery in the slot and start up – then I should see no CD/DVD drive… I would think


msnmsgr.exe – No Disk
There is no disk in the drive, please insert disk into drive 

Disk Management – still showing the phantom CD-ROM  – no drive letter – no Media

Feed Synchronization errors also popping up – sending that data to Microsoft….

Time to uninstall Windows Live stuff – uninstalling the whole kit n kaboodle


Still with the Feed Synchronization errors – time to look at the log files…

log files are no help

can;t run IE either –

Mesh doesn’t;t seem to be completely uninstalled – usersnyusernameappdatelocaltemplivemesh
has a bunch of stuff like moemonitor[0000].exe and some other files and logs.

I am going to try and reinstall mesh and see what happens, if I can get on the web 😉

Fired up Firefox

went to mesh.com

removed my machine (was showing it offline)

reinstalled Mesh and added my machine to the device ring

IE will still not run – time for another reboot

That’s it for now

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