RESTing comfortably – ADO.NET Data Service and now Azure SQL Data Services

No time to write right now – but on top of the great experiences I have been having with ADO.NET Data Service (nee Astoria) running on premises, I am now getting ready to take my work to a new heights – the clouds – Azure SQL Data Services – read all about it here. SQL Data Services Team Blog : The no spin details on the new SDS features

I will be back to tell tales of Flash and ADO.NET Data Services … What No HTTP PUT or DELETE… ah, no problems… and you want a little info on that service… How about a taste of $metadata… but that is all for another day – probably Friday.

–Update Thursday 3/12/2009 — This service is not yet available and as of today there is no public date set. But next week is Mix… so maybe we will get some new info then.

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