Great overview of Win7 TIP (Tablet PC Input Panel)

Pen computing – as it was once called – is something I have always been interested in. From the GRiDpad on, I have tried out most of the systems. It wasn’t until i got my ASUS R1F running Vista and OneNote 2007did I really start to approach the experience I had been hoping for. There is still room for improvement in OneNote but there was even more room for improvement in TIP which is wht you end up using for those pesky mouse/keyboard interactions on all apps that are not designed for pen input.

Even a quick perusal of this post from the great Engineering Window 7 blog sheds insight on the deep commitment Microsoft has shown to the evolution of pen computing as well as the great improvements in TIP I have been enjoying since i mage the jump to Windows 7 on my R1F

Engineering Windows 7 : Ink Input and Tablet PC

On a side note – I love it when you see things like Microsoft bloggers using YouTube.

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