Repaving my Asus R1F Tablet pc – Win 7 RC build 7100

Scott Hanselman calls it “paving” I think of it as “repaving” because this machine has been rebuilt so many times. This is a preliminary list – I will add more as I need more – but this is the bare minimum.

Windows Live

  • Messenger (run it in Vista SP2 compatibility to get it to minimize to the system tray)
  • Live Writer
  • Photo Gallery
  • Movie Maker

Virtual Clone Drive  freeware for mounting .iso images

Live Mesh

Visual Studio 2008 Pro

  • no c++
  • no Crystal Reports
  • no SQL 2005 Express
  • Then apply SP1 (that is a must have)

Visual Studio/Development additions needed

Notepad2 & Notepad++ (I haven’t picked a favorite)

Fiddler2 beta 2.x – great HTTP snooper and invaluable REST spelunker

Kaspersky AV (Tech preview for win7) – I had been a fan of the free version of AVG, but it has become to intrusive – too many geegaws – I want something stripped down.

Windows Home Server Client (HP MediaSmart)

Office 2007

  • word
  • excel
  • outlook
  • access
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF
  • TEO 3.0 – Tablet Enhancements for Oulook

Beyond Compare Pro from Scootersoft – this program rocks – will change your life!

Zune Client (yeah, that’s right – I love the subscription)

VLC Video Player

Prish Image Resizer – I need one and Scott says that this is the one to have. So I am getting it

At work we use AIM – but I am trying out Pidgin to reduce the amount of advertising I have to contend with.

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