Windows 7 RTM available now – Aug 6th 2009

So I haven’t been blogging a lot lately. I know. Since Massa got bonked on the head, it has been hard to concentrate. Thankfully, he is recuperating well and we will get to see Schu do his thing again.

On the tech front, I have been very impressed with some of the stuff in Blend 3 with Sketchflow and am looking forward to putting the Expression Web 3 SuperPreview through the paces. i am also knee deep in ASP.NET MVC and really liking it – so now the MVC v2 beta is out… so much to catch up on. Finally, I have been playing around with SubSonic Simple Repository. Oh yeah, and I have been enjoying the summer!

So there you have it – if you have MSDN, get your Windows 7 on!

Nice work Windows team!

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