Windows 7 Screen Rotation : Success on R1F

I have been running Windows 7 beta and RC bit for a while and my only real complaint was problems with the tablet rotation. The problem was the button on the bezel that that rotates the screen and the auto-rotate that would kick in when you put the screen in tablet mode just wouldn’t work.

Today I did a clean install of the RTM bits hoping this would be resoled out of the box, but alas I was disappointed. But it was a small disappointment, otherwise the install went flawlessly. I didn’t need to have anything from ASUS handy – just slipped in the Windows install disc and it just worked.

Looking to get everything squared away I did a quick Bing (yes I use Bing sometimes) and the second result on a search for r1f “windows 7” rotate turned up the answer.

Thanks to Alphaswift on Tablet PC Forums my Asus R1F Tablet is totally functional on Windows 7 RTM!

Asus – why is this driver only listed under the R1E and not the R1F ?

This is the second machine I worked on today – I also did an upgrade on my wife’s Dell Inspiron 1420 (Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate). That was quick, easy and flawless.

Also – I am really liking Kaspersky for anti-virus. I used to be an AVG guy, but they got too intrusive and naggy. Kaspersky has been doing me right on Win 7 since their first technical preview.

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