Graffiti CMS – now available on Codeplex

a couple of weeks ago, Rob and Scott, shared the news (via Twitter and email) that Telligent’s Graffiti CMS would be Open Sourced and that more news would be out on Dec 11. As promised, a few more tweets were made and the Graffiti CMS (presently powering this humble blog) is now on CodePlex.

It is worth calling out – for the folks who don’t RTFM – that, aside from downloading the source, you need to follow these two steps to get going:

It is worth noting a few things form the release notes:”

December 11, 2009 -jQuery: we should now fully support jQuery instead of prototype. -routing: routing is now used and writing files to disk has been made a control panel option. -control panel/web.config: The control panel has been cleaned up quite a bit and many configurations settings once made in the web.config now have a web UI. -vistadb: due to licensing constraints, we are unable to ship vistadb directly with the source. We will be working with them to make this a provider available for download from their site.

On my machine, I was able to build (bunch of warning are thrown) and display the site, after copying the Graffiti.mdb file out of trunk/data and putting the copy in Trunk\src\Graffiti.Web\App_Data. For those of you shrieking in horror – this is really just a quick and dirty test – the web.config is set for Access out of the box (see about VistaDB issue).

Time to start digging around.

Telligent, thanks for putting this out there for all of us.


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