Best Present I got this Year – Delete unused tags

OK that is an overstatement, but I am thankful for this new feature.

I really like Live Photo Gallery – I have had some beefs before about how hard it seemed to get beta feedback to the team and that it was crashing on Nikon RAW files (.NEF). I have a few other things that I would like to see changed – like if I fix a Photo – I want it to be done to a duplicate of the original… by default.

But my biggest complaint was unused tags! You see I checked out a free Corbis Library of images – which where all dutifully tagged a million ways to Sunday. Before I knew it, the photos and all their tags had polluted my personal library of photos (that was user error – unzipped it in the wrong place). Imoved the photos out, but have been saddled with over 900 useless tags. Until now, you had to delete them one by one. It was a real drag.


Happily, in Wave 3 (Windows Live Gallery 2009 – build 14.0.8051.1204 is what I am running) you can now simply do the following:

File | Options | Tags then select Delete unused tags

Thanks So Live Gallery Team!

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