Oh, so that is the way to send feedback to the teams Live Teams

When I was searching all over for where to post issues a few months ago, I came up empty. Seems to me that the collection point for comments should be blatantly obvious – perhaps this was too obvious. I was searching

So, if you have comments about any Live service check out https://feedback.live.com/default.aspx 

however, as a developer, this is not exactly what I was looking for. I am more interested in an issue tracking system like the one set up on connect.microsoft.com or codeplex – I realize these products are used by a huge number of people, but a more transparent, traceable systems would really help. At the very least it would help if you were given an Issue ID so you can continue to submit information on an issue and know that it can all be collated.

Live Team – If you have a better means of getting information to you – particularly from folks who can get technical and are willing to invest time in solving problems, please let us know.

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