Fernando Alonso to race with Ferrari in 2010

I went on vacation in August and hit a little blogging dry spell. On the technical side, I was waiting for some things like SQL Azure and the F1 scene, well the whole Piquet/Briatore/Symonds cheat-o-rama really made my blood boil.

Watching Nelson “just following orders” Piquet Jr. and his loving dad, turn Junior’s justifiable dismissal from the Renault team (he is a lousy driver) into a snitch-fest that got Junior immunity for carrying out a plan hatched by Symonds that would have made Dr. Evil proud, just made me sick. (editors note: wow that was some crazy run-on sentence)

Today, finally, there is some definitive news which I am happy to hear. Yes, after months of rumor, it’s official. Fernando Alonso will be racing a red car in 2010 alongside the steadily recovering Felipe Massa. This will get Alonso out of the Renault cesspool and onto a team that at least has a chance of developing a winning car for next year.

Kimi Räikkönen will replace the slightly more animated Heikki Kovalainen at McLaren in what should be an imperceptible change for Lewis Hamilton. Also, it is expected that Robert Kubica will be filling Alonso’s seat in the Renault.

Now, we can all watch Rubens hunt Jenson and count the days until Max Mosley slithers under a rock somewhere and Masa makes his comeback.

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