Updated to include most of the Bob Muglia half – this is really just quick and dirty coverage.

Ozzie Keynote

Seesmic – Loic Lemur – will now be a development platform – Windows version you will be able to write plugins – also will release a Silverlight version, replacing their AIR app.

Azure – will demo Tomcat in Azure with memcached (not sure if this is on the VM images)– 6 data centers – xDrive (azure blobs mapped to NTFS drives! – you get a persistent filesystem)

WordPress – Mullenweg – on Azure – with MySQL and Apache – upscale instances – via config adding Apapche and MySQL instances. Failblog guys launching a new site oddlyspecific.com running on WordPress/SQL Azure/Azure Storage – Windows Azure Storage plugin for WordPress

Microsoft Pinpoint – pinpoint.com – “Dallas” – open catalog and marketplace for Data – public and commercial data – uniform interface and licensing model. It is Data as a Service. http://pinpoint.com/en-US/Dallas – very interesting – data.gov, esri and others – plus a marketplace to publish your own.


Bob Muglia

Don Box/Chris Sells muck about with C++ in Azure and mention OAuth WRAP (REST based …)

Kelley BlueBook – using Azure for extra serving capacity – showed SQL Azure Synch – I am still all about Red Gate – can’t wait to see what they have brewing.

Project Sidney – Secure Connection between your Azure app and your own datacenter – think web app runs in Azure, but the database is in your datacenter (IPv6 and IPSec) – available next year as a beta.

Next Year – Server Images – a la EC2 – remote desktop into them… the whole shooting match.

AppFabric – Middle Tier Service that is avaialbe in Beta now – Workflow, database caching, wcf – runs on Windows Server and also in Azure.. Interesting… Looks like this is where Velocity ended up – http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsserver/ee695849.aspx

IntelliTrace – this is pretty darn cool – but is it available on all SKUs

MVC Beta 2

but alas… the tooling is not in VS2010 as they are on separate cycles…

Sorry had to duck off to do some work at this point….

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