More PDC 09 -THE jumping off point for Silverlight 4 – and more

Tim Heuer has the definitive post on getting started with Silverlight 4 Beta – A guide to the new features.

There was a bunch of stuff I am still digesting from PDC 09 – I need to get some time to think about OData – I know Pablo Castro was speaking about it in a session I think it was this one.

All in all I was just getting dug in with a little side project that was pulling together VS2010, MVC2, Silverlight 3, Azure, JSON, and a certain Google API, when all this PDC madness started raining down.

The only “complaint” I have is that MVC2 beta according to Phil Haack (well – it is true and it makes sense) does not have tooling support yet in VS2010 because they are on a different release cycle… so no I have to slide out of VS2010 to do the MVC stuff and the Azure stuff – so I am in 2010 mostly for the Silverlight part… happily everything is running nicely side by side.

And MIX is just a few months away…

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